XL Blue

XL-Blue industrial DEF (AdBlue®) dispenser

The specification and manufacture meet the demands of our most exacting customers. XL- Blue means a guarantee of the XL Techniques service and the security of a long-term investment. It means an immaculate finish, ultra compact, at an economic price.

The XL-Blue model is ideal for the private station. It was developed to withstand the physical stresses of the product.


Frame: Epoxy coated steel
Pillar: Epoxy coated steel
Signs: Epoxy coated steel
Hydraulics: Membrane or submersible depending on the version (immersed pump)
Meter: Turbine, accuracy ± 0.5%
Filter: Heating dependent on the model
Hose: Fibre-reinforced
Nozzle: Standard or ELAFLEX automatic


  • Overhead arm
  • Protective circuit breaker in the pump
  • Emergency shutdown
  • Different hose lengths
  • Option of integration of any type of control

Heating: radiator + ignition wire in the hose
Insulation: by bubble insulation film
Hydraulics: discharge or suction, turbine meters, ELAFLEX hose, automatic nozzle
Advantages: Economic, simple, robust, specific colour

WEIGHT: 50 kg to 120 kg

Prices on request