TCS Meters

Since 1995, Total Control Systems (TCS) has been the industry leader in the design and manufacture of precision custody transfer flow meters and
accessories. We specialize in crafting innovative solutions for the refined fuels, LPG, aviation, oil/lubes, fertilizer and agri-chemical, industrial
chemical, marine, renewable fuels, and DEF markets.
We’re family-owned and operated, which means we build our business on relationships, not just profits.
Partner with TCS and discover why we continue to lead the industry in providing liquid handling equipment.

682 Meter

Total Control Systems offers the world’s only “true” positive displacement flow meter, known as the 682 piston meter. Due to its astounding accuracy, it was originally called the “Miracle Meter” when it was first designed in the 1930s by Tokheim Corporation. Since purchasing the rights to the meter in 1995, Total Control Systems has made significant enhancements to its design while maintaining its superior accuracy. The 682 meter is smaller and lighter in weight along with improved performance and reliability. In industries that operate at lower flow rates but require both high accuracy and reliability, there is no better meter than the TCS 682.

700 Meter

The TCS 700 is the flagship product of Total Control Systems. This positive
displacement rotary flow meter boasts unique design features to improve accuracy
and performance. The TCS 700 features tri-rotor design that improves accuracy
by minimizing pressure loss. With no metal to metal contact within the measuring chamber, the TCS 700 avoids internal wear to ensure long-term accuracy and extend time between calibrations. It is available in a wide variety of metals and sizes from 1 ½” to 6” to support a wide range of industries and liquids. All TCS 700 meters are engineered and manufactured in-house. Thanks to Total Control System’s reputation as being a trusted industry provider and the TCS 700’s superior design, the meter is becoming the rotary flow meter of choice.





5: 1 – 0.1% over the full flow range
10: 1 – 0.125% over the full flow range
15:1 – 0.15% over the full flow range
REPEATABILITY: Capable of 0.02%
(constant operation conditions with 700SP meters & mechanical registration, using 1 CPS test fluid)


  • Low pressure drop
  • Cutting edge materials
  • Low maintenance
  • High durability
  • Compact and lightweight design Wide variety of measurement applications
  • Right or left flow
  • Comprehensive selection of flowmeter accessories and electronic totalizers
  • Wide variety of flow rates – up to 600 GPM (2271 LPM)
  • Wide variety of viscosities – Will accurately measure liquids up to 1,500,000 SSU (325,000 CPS)
  • Meets NIST requirements of military standards of the US and several other international standards of global weights and measures requirements: ATE – MID OIML GB1273 GB-1272

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