Mobile Fueling Skid MID

A truly „mobile“ filling station!

Refuel the vehicles of your private or corporate customers on site.

Set up by XL Techniques on your pickup truck or in your van.

    • ADR – compliant tank
    • Either for 330 l for petrol
    • or for 600 l diesel
    • or for 990 l diesel (depending on the permissible total weight of the vehicle)
    • Compact fuel dispenser with MID certificate (calibratable)
    • 40 or 60 l/min
    • Incl. hose reel and ZVA dispensing valve
    • Vapour recovery system optionally available


Speed, flexibility, time saving for your customers, can make site containers redundant, very suitable for regions with low density of filling stations, no specific training of the driver required.

Target customers:

    • Municipal horticultural offices
    • Construction companies
    • Gardening and landscsaping – companies

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