XL400 Industrial line

The specification and manufacture meet the demands of our most exacting customers. XL 400 means a guarantee of the XL Techniques service and the security of a long-term investment. It means an immaculate finish, ultra compact, at an economic price, available from 40 to 120 litres per minute.

The XL 400 model is ideal for the private station. It is designed to respond to all the developments and integrations that the market needs.


Frame: Epoxy coated steel
Pillar: Epoxy coated steel
Signs: Epoxy coated steel
Suction unit: One piece, with an air separator filter and retention valve
Meter: Positive displacement
Volume measured with 4 pistons
Accuracy ± 0.3%
Filter: Stainless steel, reusable, 100 μ, easy clean filter
Motor: Three-phase, 50/60HZ EEX
Hose: In accordance with standard EN 1360, fibre-reinforced
Nozzle: ELAFLEX ZVA Slimline automatic


  • Submersible (discharge)
  • 40, 80, 120 litres per minute
  • Output selector (40 or 80 litres)
  • Single phase supply
  • Overhead arm
  • Personalized paint
  • Drive gear
  • Protective circuit breaker in the pump
  • Safety break
  • Different hose lengths
  • Option of integration of any type of control

Complying with ATEX standard
With or without display units
2 products, 1 face

WEIGHT 140 kg to 250 kg

Prices on request