WILLBERT AMBER I Ultra Fast Charger



  • The efficiency of our chargers is 97%
  • Up to 150 kW charging power
  • Can super-charge any vehicle on the market to 80% in less than 30 minutes

Everything in one enclosure.

Compared to many other fast charging products on the market, WILLBERT Amber I doesn’t require separate power cabinets to operate nor extra electrical equipment. Everything needed to comes right in the box.
The highest power conversion rate on the market

Thanks to the silicon carbide switching technology 97% of the converted energy from AC to DC goes to the car battery. The efficiency of 97%+ is sustained between 25 and 100% of the power spectrum! Use the tool below to calculate how much energy and money you can save for your charging network.

WILLBERT Amber I offers gradual expansion of the available power thanks to 25 kW compact power modules.
From 25 to 150 kW
Smart Power Allocation
Every charger contains up to 6 power modules capable of delivering up to 25 kW each. Thanks to our in house developed Smart Power Allocation system the charger allocates power where it’s needed the most. ‍
The modules are dynamically assigned at the beginning and throughout the charging process
  • Maximizes the usage of available power
  • Decreases charging time
  • Extends charger lifetime
Unmatched design
WILLBERT Amber I has been designed in a way that, apart from its attractive and unique design, guarantees high utility value thanks to ergonomic solutions. The combination of illuminated glass panels and graphite metallizing varnish on the sides of the housing matches the elegant black glass on the front.
  • Easy to clean and maintain glass
  • Durable and elegant aluminium panels
  • Stunning illuminations